Shadow fight 2 apk 1.9.38 download for android old version

Shadow Fight 2 Apk download Isn’t it time to enjoy the very best 2D fighting action game ever? Then undoubtedly Shadow Fight 2 has become the best power packed action games. they have gained huge fan appreciation is actually many downloads for both Android and iOS devices.

We will believe that this is the masterpiece developed and created by the Nekki. Enjoy the best ever action filled game by downloading Shadow Fight 2 Apk and do the installation on the smartphones. Without any difficulty, people can simply Download Shadow Fight 2 Apk free of charge and install on the smartphones. On this game, players need to control game warrior whose arms is loaded with different weapons to be able to defeat the enemies of their path.

Moreover, the gamer needs to fight keep in mind his barehanded using just fists and legs to fight the enemy. Getting excited right!! Then just what are you needing, find the Shadow Fight 2 Apk Download link came from here. During Shadow Fight 2 adventures, players may come across aggressive opponents who continuously assault anyone to defeat. On this game, people may get the items, will use many weapons like swords, spells, axes, fire spells, truncheons and much more to win the battle. See the recommended for you standoff 2 apk full version on android devices.

Don’t fret about game Fight 2 Apk Download procedure and installation guide, you’ll find provided the full steps below.

More About Shadow fight 2

shadow fight 2 apk downlaod

Shadow fight 2


Feature Shadow fight 2

  • Players can find the unlimited selection of gems and gold. This can be one of many amazing feature provided with this game. These gems and coins are simply currencies that may the gamer in the virtual big Shadow Fight 2 game.
  • Even however the game is very much tough, however it has unlimited use of the many hidden features without the will need to complete the fights.
  • Players can customize their fighter with many stunning epic armor suits, swords, nunchacku, magical powers and more.
  • With its immersive storyline, the game play lets players enable you to the six different worlds having filled with action packed challenges.
  • With visual graphics, background, and music, it requires players to enjoy within the fighting methods world.
  • Players will use many swords, weapons, spells, axes, fire spell, the adventure moves to win the fight with the opponents.

Shadow Fight 2 apk download

    • Package com.nekki.shadowfight
    • Version 1.9.35
    • Size 86.13 MB
    • Updated 6 February 2018
    • Minimal Android 3.0 and up

    • Additional raid rewards and coins for getting a chest.
    • New clan working out rules and private clan doesn’t follow when you turn to the latest or old
    • Bug fixes
    • Optimization
    • Raid chat rules.
    • No more abusive insults and words.
    • Given terms to work with raid chat.
    • Exclude in raid chat when you break the guidelines.

  • to use the apk with OBB/Data, you will have to have.

    • Apk file.
    • OBB/Data folder (can be zip file download the online).

    Install apk for your android phone

    To start with will need to install the apk file for the android phone. To try that just keep to the steps below:

    • Put the apk file in the smartphone SDcard or of internal memory.
    • Browse your phone memory/external and tab to the apk file.
    • Click install.
    • Wait around for any apk run until done.
    • Will not run this app yet.
    • After successful installation, you have to set the Data/OBB file within the right place.
    • Open and play apk.

Old Version

Shadow Fight 2 1.9.38 apk download
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Shadow Fight 2 1.9.29 apk download
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Shadow Fight 2 1.9.27 apk download
Shadow Fight 2 1.9.26 apk download
Shadow Fight 2 1.9.25 apk download
Shadow Fight 2 1.9.23 apk download
Shadow Fight 2 1.9.22 apk download
Shadow Fight 2 1.9.21 apk download
Shadow Fight 2 1.9.18 apk download
Shadow Fight 2 1.9.16 apk download
Shadow Fight 2 1.9.13 apk download
Shadow Fight 2 1.9.10 apk download
Shadow Fight 2 1.9.7 apk download


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